Govan Mbeki Mathematics Development Centre



CAPS Mathematics & Physical Sciences Support Projects in Schools

The Govan Mbeki Mathematics Development Centre (GMMDC) has, over the past five years, successfully implemented a series of innovative Mathematics and Physical Sciences development and support initiatives for secondary school teachers and learners in  several provinces.

Hybrid techno-blended teaching and learning models were used that are based on customized applications and interactive digital resources of the centre that covers the complete CAPS curriculum for Mathematics and Physical Sciences.

A new offline innovative plug & play educational device called Gamma and accomanying software were used to establish resource centres  at schools. Gamma resorce centres support teaching with technology in classrooms and  provide learners with valuable  Technology-assisted After School Programme Support (TAPS) for all for self-directed learning. Innovative M-learning  support projects for learners that are offered include curriculum support, exam practice  and mathematics competitions via  the MobiTutorZA app for mobile phones. A series of GeoGebra Mathematics applets that are designed for mobile phone screens  are also used to assist learners with self-directed learning.   Hybrid techno-blended models are used to offer self-directed learning support programme for in-school and repeat Mathematics and Physical Sciences  learners.

Structured learner incubation & support programmes are offered on an annual basis to assist in-school or repeat matric learners to improve their mathematics and physial sciences skills and results. 

The Centre  also offers SACE accredited professional skills development programmes for in-service Mathematics teachers. Seperate programmes are offered for FET (Grades 10 - 12) teachers and for Senior Phase (Grades 8 & 9).

Recent implementations of these models & programmes of the GMMDC in scools in the ECP  have had a noticeable positive impact. This include improved access to quality offline digital resources at under-resourced schools, better teaching practice in classrooms and  better mathematics results. This has resulted in improved  learner access to STEM study programmes at universities and colleges  – particularly in the Eastern Cape Province (ECP).



MobiTutorZA Academy & TAPS Learner Support Project

Learner Incubation Programme for CAPS Maths & P Sciences

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M-Learning Maths and Science Support

Mobile-Learning Support for CAPS Maths and P Sciences - MobiTutorZA & GeoGebra Apps

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GammaTutor Resource Centre Project

Establishing GammaTutor Teaching Platforms for Classrooms and After School Learner Support at Schools

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Professional Learning Network Project

Professional Development Programmes for FET & Senior Phase Maths Teachers

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