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GammaTutor Resource Centre & TAPS Project

The GammaTutor project aims to establish  offline school-based mobile  Mathematics and Physical Sciences resource centres  to help address some of the key STEM education challenges at under-resourced schools in South Africa. 

The GammaTutor  device  and accompanying GammaTutor software is an innovative new product that was developed for education by the GMMDC in 2019 after years of action research in under-resourced schools in the ECP. It was re-developed in 2023 and is designed to provide teachers and learners at secondary schools with flexible access to a complete and  interactice digital Mathematics and Physical Sciences software support package. 

The software covers the complete CAPS syllabus using structured video lessons, animated PowerPoint lessons, self-assessments with scoring and feedback, structured exam revision, multiple interactive language support and much more. The new GammaTutor design in 2024 included the ability to access internet and share content via an external USB device.

Gamma is uniquely positioned as a new and innovative offline educational presentation device for schools to make it easier for teachers to facilitate interactive and  learner-centred lessons of good quality in classrooms or after-school hours. 

More about the GammaTutor software

The Gamma device and GammaTutor software are designed to also provide teachers and learners at secondary schools with flexible offline access to a comprehensive pre-installed digital Mathematics and Physical Sciences package that covers all Grade levels.  

“pocket size teaching assistant for the classroom”

This user-friendly and interactive offline GammaTutor also includes the offline MobiTutorZA software (TouchTutor before April 2024). The main components of this digital package for CAPS Mathematics & Physical Sciences include:

  • Animated PowerPoint lessons covering all topics and Grades;
  • A complete series of content video lessons for each Grades (10-12);
  • A comprehensive Physical Sciences experiment video series recorded in a professional laboratory environment;
  • Interactive multiple choice self-assessments, auto-scoring and feedback linked to each content topic;
  • Comprehensive sets of examination revision materials including past national and provincial mathematics  papers and memoranda;
  • Textbook series for all Grades - English & Afrikaans;
  • Interactive multi-language support for Mathematics in the form of  concept explanations in English and any one of seven  indigenous languages – Tswana, Northern Sotho, Southern Sotho; Venda, Xhosa, Zulu & Afrikaans
  • Guidance and information on STEM careers and how to gain access to study programmes at HE institutions.

The following additional CAPS-aligned digital resources for teachers are also pre-installed as part of the GammaTutor software package:

  • Animated CAPS PPT Lessons for the classroom – Grades 8-12;
  • Online & offline GeoGebra applet series for teaching and learning CAPS Mathematics  - all Grades;
  • More than 50 Past Provincial and National Exam Papers with Memos in PDF format;
  • PhET simulation & CAPS Physical Sciences experiment video series; 
  • A range of free apps for additional CAPS teaching support in the classroom.

The GammaTutor  is a unique and exciting offline mobile plug & play  Android presentation device for education  that will make it easy for Teachers and Tutors to teach or facilitate interactive learner centred sessions in classrooms or in venues of choice after school hours. GammaTutor is easy to use with any data-projector, digital screen or  smart TV. Teachers or learners can make full use of all the aforementioned  digital resources by simply a click of a  mouse.  GammaTutor supports learner-centred  classroom practices to create rich constructivist learning environments. The pre-prepared nature of the digital material also allow much more time for teachers to interact with learners to explain concepts and to share more examples. Its  small size makes the device  simple to manage in respect of security and movement between sites of presentation (classrooms/presentation venues) are easy. 

More about TAPS Support for Learners

Apart from being a T & L tool  for classrooms, the GammaTutor also serves as an ideal offline M-learning support platform for learners after school hours.

For this the GMMDC has developed a structured Technology-assisted After-School  Programme  Support (TAPS) projrect consisting of Topic Learning Cycles over the school academic year. This programme provides  syllabus-aligned self-directed learning support to reinforce curriculum delivery  in secondary schools. Sessions are facilitated by teachers at project schools who were trained by the GMMDC to utilize  the GammaTutor-assisted programme. Structured TAPS learner  guides that are aligned with school  curriculum pace setters are also available to support  learners on an individual or group basis.

The TAPS learner support programme was specifically developed to solve the problems encountered by many high school learners with potential from poor and rural schools.  Many of these learners are disadvantaged by inadequate school infrastructure, learning support facilities, inadequate teaching capacity and poor home environments that damage their ability to do adequate homework. The focus of TAPS is to empower learners of all Grades to teach themselves via facilitated self-directed learning and support, where teaching is either insufficient or even lacking entirely at their own school.  Provision of offline digital resources that supports content from lower grades also make TAPS support viable and valuable to assist learners to address content gaps.  

GammaTutor App Layout and Functionalities  

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