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Welcome to GMMDC Engagement Projects

The GMMDC boasts a rich history of successfully developing  and implementing Techno-blended Models (TBM) and tailored teaching and learning programmes for Mathematics and Physical Sciences educators and learners in under-resourced secondary schools.

In line with its customized hybrid techno-blended approach to STEM education advancement, the Centre has introduced three distinct and interactive educational mobile-learning software applications—TouchTutor, MobiTutorZA, and GammaTutor. These tools aim to enhance the teaching and learning experiences in CAPS Mathematics and Physical Sciences. Accessible online or offline, these resources are fully aligned with the CAPS school curriculum, spanning all grade levels. The Center's initiatives seamlessly integrate traditional learning materials, user-friendly digital applications, and diverse social media platforms to foster effective STEM skills development in challenged school environments.

Since 2017, the Centre has expanded its scope to include extra-curricular projects featuring practical STEAM skills development activities for teachers and learners. The primary objective of these STEAM engagements with schools is to inspire critical thinking and creative problem-solving in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). Annual experiential learning workshops for both teachers and learners are conducted at project schools. Additionally, the Centrer sponsored and successfully implemented a novel nationwide MathArt competition in schools annually, promoting design thinking and highlighting real-life connections between Mathematics and Art.

The current active engagement projects in selected under-resourced schools focus on four main educational areas:

  • Deployment of mobile resource centres and assistance to provide organized Technology-assisted After School Program Support (TAPS) for Mathematics and Physical Sciences learners.
  • Provision of accredited Professional Skills Development and Support programs catering to in-service Mathematics teachers.
  • Implementation of mobile learning support platforms, facilitating Mathematics and Physical Sciences teaching and learning at any time and location
  • STEAM Education Awareness and Skills Development of -in-service teachers.



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